The Saint, by John Spranger

John Spranger worked for American comic books during the 1940s, through the Binder Studio and the Eisner-Iger Studio. He drew for many Fawcett and Quality titles and features, including 'Plastic Man', 'Blackhawk', 'Bulletman', 'Captain Midnight', 'Mary Marvel' and 'Nyoka'. He was also worked for other companies, including Better Publications ('Fighting Yank'), Feature Comics ('Green Lama', 'Yank and Doodle') and Street & Smith Comics ('Blackstone', 'Black Crusader'). He also worked with Will Eisner on 'The Spirit'. In the late 1940s, he moved over to newspaper comics, starting with 'Ben Friday' in the New York Herald-Tribune, which was later continued under the name 'Bantam Prince' (scripts by Lawrence Lariar). During most of the 1950s, he worked on a daily and Sunday comic with 'The Saint'.

The Saint, by John Spranger (1962)

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