De verbroeking van het Hoedjesvolk by Ton Kooreman
De verbroeking van het Hoedjesvolk

Ton Kooreman is a Dutch artist, born in Den Helder. He was employed by the Toonder Studios between 1958 and 1964, where he served as an inker of 'Panda' strips and colorist for the weekly 'Tom Poes' stories in Donald Duck. He also drew the four final episodes of Wim Lensen's 'Sim en Pans' for Week in Beeld.

Kooreman worked with Jan Godschalk on 'D'Arteljan' for De Volkskrant (1964-1965) and 'Sadine' in HP Magazine (1968). He also made 'Joachim' with Jan walthober for a Hague newspaper, and 'Sheridan' in Sextant (1968-1969). Kooreman focused on designing advertisements in the 1970s, especially for Smarties and Foxy Fashion. He also made illustrations for women's magazines and books.

De verbroeking van het hoedjesvolk by Ton Kooreman

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