Stumbo the Giant, by Warren Kremer

Warren Kremer was born in the Bronx as the son of a sign painter, from whom he inherited his steady drawing hand. He studied at the School of Industrial Arts and went straight into print services, working for pulp magazines. He gradually took on more comics work in Ace Publications, his first title being 'Hap Hazard' (he married Grace, who lettered the comic). Due to a hernia, he escaped serving in World War II.

Baby Huey, by Marty Taras

Thanks to his friend and colleague Steve Mufatti, Warren Kremer ended up working for Harvey Comics, where he stayed for 35 years and became a leading penciller, working on titles such as 'Casper', 'Little Max', 'Joe Palooka', 'Stumbo the Giant', 'Hot Stuff', 'Richie Rich' and 'Little Audrey' (which very likely has its origin in Marge's 'Little Lulu').

Stumbo the Giant, by Warren Kremer

In 1982, Harvey closed its doors. In the 1980s, Kremer worked for Star Comics, Marvels' children imprint, and contributed to titles like 'Top Dog', 'Ewoks', 'Royal Roy', 'Planet Terry' and 'Count Duckula'. In 1989, he suffered a stroke which left him paralyzed on his left side, which included his drawing hand. He learned to draw with his right hand, but was so disappointed by the result that he stopped drawing altogether.

Warren Kremer died in hospital on 24 July, 2003, following a short illness.

Hot Stuff, by Howard Post
Hot Stuff

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