Sandman Midnight Theater, by Teddy Kristiansen
Sandman Midnight Theatre

Teddy Kristiansen studied at Ulrik Hoff's School of Drawing and Painting for half a year, but is otherwise self-taught. He made his debut in 1986, with a comic in the magazine Pulp Pages (Kulørte Sider). His first album was 'Superman og Fredsbomben' ('Superman and the Peace Bomb'), the first official 'Superman' story produced entirely outside the USA, in 1990. In 1992, he collaborated with Peter Snejbjerg on a contribution to Henning Kure's 'Tarzan' project, and a year later he was nominated for the American Eisner Award.

Love Story by Teddy Kristiansen
Love Story

From then on, he has mainly worked for American companies, starting with Dark Horse on 'Grendel Tales - Four Devils, One Hell' (written by James Robinson). He has worked on DC/Vertigo titles like 'The Sandman Midnight Theatre' (written by Neil Gaiman),'The Dreaming' and on 'House of Secrets' (written by Steve Seagle). In 2004, Kristiansen and Seagle's Eisner Award winning 'Superman' graphic novel 'It's A Bird' was published.

On the stairs, by Teddy Kristiansen
On The Stairs (script by Neil Gaiman)

With Seagle, he also produced an English translation of his originally European graphic novel 'The Red Diary', that was published by Image Comics as a flip-novel format in 2012. For the Danish market, Kristiansen has continued to produce graphic novels, such as 'Olafur Kjartanson's Journals of the Secret Scriptures' (2010) and 'Heisenberg Revisted' (2011) with writer Oscar K.

Grendel Tales, by Teddy H. Kristiansen
Grendel Tales

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