Art by Ninoslav Kunc

Ninoslav Kunc is a comic artist from Zagreb, Croatia, where he studied architecture and arts at the University. He started his career as a comic strip artist for some youth and student magazines and publications like Polet, Pitanja and Studentski list. Together with Mirko IlićRadovan Devlić, Kresimir Zimonić, Igor Kordej, Joško Marušić, Emir Mešić, and later on some others, he formed Novi Kvadrat (New Square), an avant-garde artist group that experimented with new styles and approaches in the ex-Yugoslav scene during the 1970s and 1980s. Besides making comic strips, members of Novi Kvadrat published many illustrations in various magazines and designed book covers, music album covers etc. They were awarded the highest ex-Yugoslav medal for their work, mostly in the field of comics.

Sjena by Ninoslav Kunc

When Novi Kvadrat stopped, Ninoslav Kunc started a solo career as a free-ance artist. He published many comics in children's, student and adult magazines. Comics he created (both script and artwork) for Student paper were mostly political or erotic, with a sharp critical edge, so later on he was called "the father of croatian underground". 

Sjena by Ninoslav Kunc

One of his masterpieces is a comic called 'Sjena' (Mr. Shadow) that was published in the form of comic strips in various papers and magazines over a period of 20 years. Mostly humorous, 'Sjena' was a sort of experiment between comic and "anti-comic" work, playing even with the structure of comic strip (often destroying the elements of his own media).

Comic strip by Ninoslav Kunc

Kunc illustrated and designed hundreds of books for children and adults, won several awards for his work (even with the group of artists for the animated film 'Čakaj me'). He created hundreds of short comics for children's magazines like Smib and Modra lasta (Blue Swallow), and a serial of mathematical comics for a specialized school magazine Matka.

The Pipe by Ninosalv Kunc

Kunc created several short SF comics, some erotic and many humorous. Recently he has been writing books as well, with his co-author, professor of history P. Bučević. They wrote '100 Famous Quotations' and 'Anecdotes About Famous People', which Kunc illustrated from page to page in a sort of crossover between illustration and comic. He designed both books as well, and finalized it through layout and editorial supervision. In late 2015, Kunc released 'Najzabavnije Kuncturarije', a best-of compilation of his funiest work in a limited edition of 500 copies.

Alice by Ninoslav Kunc

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