Ik, God en mijn oma by Edith Kuyvenhoven
'Ik, God en mijn oma' (2010).

Edith Kuyvenhoven is an Amsterdam-based comic artist, illustrator and live cartoonist, known for her 'Elp de Cavia' cartoon series and the graphic novel 'Ik, God en mijn oma' (2010).

Life and career
Kuyvenhoven was born in 1977 in Stadskanaal and raised in Enschede, in the eastern parts of the Netherlands. In 1996, she moved to Amsterdam to study graphic design at the Rietveld Art Academy, graduating in 2001. Since 2002, she has worked as a freelance artist for such clients as Volkskrant Banen, Cultuur-Ondernemen, Manuscripta (CPNB Foundation), The School of Life, Cinekid, Folia, the Kidsweek/7Days newspaper and the Lowlands festival. In 2005, her children's picture book 'Pim en To aan Zee' was published by Pimento in 2005.

Elp de Cavia by Edith Kuyvenhoven
'Elp de cavia'.

For several years, she made weekly cartoons about a dispirited and philosophical guinea pig called 'Elp de Cavia', who also made his appearance on T-shirts and postcards. She got a government grant for the creation of her first comic book, 'Ik, God en mijn oma', a story about the author's grandmother filled with childhood memories and anecdotes. The book was published by Catullus and presented at Gallery Lambiek in 2010.

Kuyvenhoven also works as a live cartoonist and has been a committee member with the Grant Programme for Design of the Dutch Creative Industries Fund (2013-2015). In addition, she has been a teacher in Dutch language for both secondary school children and expats.

Eikeltjes Dagboek by Edith Kuyvenhoven


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