Science Foot by Pierre La Police

Pierre La Police is a Paris-based artist, who is active in several art forms. Known for his absurd style and incongruous monsters, La Police first published his cartoons with Éditions Jean-Pierre Faur. His comics feature 'Les Praticiens de l'Infernal' ran in Les Inrockuptibles between 1994 and 1996. He redesigned it ten years later for digital reading devices, and distributed it in English as 'Challengers of the Mephitic' through the iBookstore.

Les Mousquetaires de la R├ęsurrection
Les Praticiens de l'Infernal - Les Mousquetaires de la Résurrection (1996)

He made a soccer chronicle called 'Science Foot' for So Foot magazine, and his TV Chronicles have appeared in Libération, Les Inrockuptibles, Rock & Folk and Le Jour. Book collections of his comics and drawings have been published by Éditions Cornélius, including the 'Véridique' series.

He also made forays into video production for television, before being courted by contemporary art galleries. From drawings to video installations, his work has been widely exhibited in France, other European countries and even Japan. He draws his inspiration from cartoons, pop culture and "the visual culture of B and Z movies."

Les Praticiens de l'Infernal
Les Praticiens de l'Infernal

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