Centrum, by Aad Labadie
Centrum (1984)

Adriaan Percy Labadie made comics in the 1980s, most of which were published by Ger van Wulften's publishing house Espee. His work was printed in the Espee magazines De Balloen and Gummi, and collected in books like 'De Grens der Mooglijkheid' (1980), 'De Rij + verzameld werk' (1984) and 'Centrum' (1984). His work has also appeared in Spanish magazines like Cimoc and Zona 84. He then left for South-America and has lived in the Spanish village of Etxalar for many years now. He wrote and illustrated the book 'El Emperador de Surinam' for the Spanish publisher Ediciones del Serbal in 2011.

El Emperador de Surinam by Adriaan Labadie
From: El Emperador de Surinam (2011)

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