comic from Coyote by Barend Lammes

Barend Jan Lammes is a cartoonist and illustrator from Haarlem, The Netherlands. Between 1980 and 1982 he had his own amateur comic magazine Fenomeen, of which eight issues appeared. He was one of the contributors to Coyote, the comic magazine published by Drukwerk in the mid-1980s. He started Studio Visioen with Baldi Dekker Jr. and Kees de Boer, with whom he produced the animation guidebook 'Tekenfilms maken' in 1985. He also alternated with De Boer on a daily cartoon for Noordhollands Dagblad. He also drew for the 'Koik 'rs an' section in both Dagblad voor West-Friesland and Noordhollands Dagblad with Tom van Wanrooy and Hein Haakman. Lammes also contributed to books like 'Cartoon AID'. He is currently a mailman, but he is also active as an illustrator for children's publications, and the co-author of 'Barend Weg en Jacob Zorg' cartoons.

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