Le Combat Ordinaire, by Manu Larcenet
'Le Combat Ordinaire'.

Manu Larcenet is one of the leading artists in contemporary Franco-Belgian humor comics, and one of the main contributors to Fluide Glacial magazine. Born Emmanuel Larcenet in 1969 in Issy-les-Moulineaux, he studied art in Sèvres. While also performing as a singer in a punk band, he published his first artwork in comic and rock fanzines.

Nic Oumouk, by Manu Larcenet
'Nic Oumouk'.

In 1994, Larcenet made his first appearance in Fluide Glacial magazine. Since then, the magazine has published many of Larcenet's humorous (short) stories, including series like 'Bill Baroud', 'Les Super-Héros Injustement Méconnus', 'Le Petit Guide de la Survie en Entreprise' and 'La Loi des Séries', also collected in series of albums by Audie/Fluide Glacial.

La vie est courte, by Manu Larcenet
'La Vie est Courte'.

Also for Fluide Glacial, Larcenet established himself as a productive scriptwriter, working with artists like Michel Gaudelette ('Onc'Donald' and editorial sections like 'Minimal') and Julien CDM ('À L'Ouest de l'Infini'). In 1997, he was co-founder of Les Rêveurs, a comics label that published his comics 'Dallas Cow-boy' (1997), 'Presque' (1998), 'On Fera Avec' (2000) and 'L'Artiste de la Famille' (2001). The label was cancelled in 2013.

cover by Manu Larcenetcover by Manu Larcenet
Covers for Fluide Glacial and Spirou. 

From 1997, Larcenet was also present in Spirou magazine and the publishing house Dupuis with the series 'Pedro Le Coati' (art by Michel Gaudelette) and the cartoon series 'La Vie est Courte' (together with Jean-Michel Thiriet).

Sigmund Freud, by Manu Larcenet
'Une Aventure Rocambolesque de Sigmund Freud'.

Starting in 2000, Larcenet has also been a frequent artist for the collection Poisson Pilote of the publishing house Dargaud, producing series like 'Les Cosmonautes du Futur' (with Lewis Trondheim, 2000-2004), 'Les Entremondes' (with his brother Patrice Larcenet, 2000-2001), 'Une Aventure Rocambolesque de...' (2002-2009) and 'La Légende de Robin des Bois' (2003). Notable was the autobiographical series 'Le Retour à la Terre', that he created with Jean-Yves Ferri after settling in the Lyon area in 2002.

Donjon Parade, by Manu Larcenet
'Donjon Parade'.

Also for Dargaud, Larcenet created the autobiographical series 'Le Combat Ordinaire', starting in 2003, and 'Nic Oumouk', starting in 2005. Larcenet is the artist of the 'Donjon' side series 'Donjon Parade', written by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar and published by Delcourt between 2000 and 2007. Since 2008 he is the artist of the graphic novel series 'Blast', published by Dargaud. Manu Larcenet is the author of the children's books 'Les Merveilleux Peu de Gens Savent' (2010) and 'Nombreux Sont Ceux Qui Ignorent' (2012).

Emmanuel Larcenet was an influence on Allan Barte and Lae Schäfer.

Blast by Manu Larcenet

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