Jommeke by Philippe Delzenne
Jommeke - De brulharp

Philippe Delzenne began his career as a comic artist in 1977, working for Frank Sels on the series 'Zilverpijl'. Two years later he was hired by Jef Nys to assist on the backgrounds and the inking of the adventures of 'Jommeke'. Delzenne left Nys' Antwerp-based studio in 1985 to join Studio Peyo. For a period of ten years, he drew 'Smurfs' for all sorts of projects, and he has also cooperated with Peyo and Thierry Culliford on scripts. He also provided the artwork for some new 'Poussy' gags that were published in Schtroumpf magazine in 1991-1992.

Delzenne returned to Studio Jef Nys in 1998 and has cooperated on the 'Jommeke' stories together with Gerd van Loock since then. He has also redrawn some of the earlier installments in the series, and has participated in the scriptwriting since the story 'De Komkommerprinses'. When Nys died in 2009, Delzenne and Van Loock became the official authors of the series. They alternatively write and draw their own 'Jommeke' albums, by now with credits.

In 2014 Merho, Carll Cneut and Mark Borgions all designed the cover of the 'Jommeke' album 'De Boemerang van Kirimbir' in their own style. All three albums with these unique covers could be collected, while the original story drawn by Delzenne was also available. Apart from the covers nothing else was different about the publications. 

Jommeke by Philippe Delzenne
Jommeke - Papegaaienbruiloft

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