Benoît Brisefer, by Pascal Garray
Benoît Brisefer

Pascal Garray was one of the most important artists of the creations of Peyo from the 1990s through the 2010s. Garray received his artistic education at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in his hometown Liège. Among his first credits as a comic artist was assisting his friend Frank Pé on the cars in 'La Nuit de Chat' (1989), the third album of the poetic series 'Broussaille'. He joined Studio Peyo in the following year, and learned how to draw the famous blue Smurfs from Peyo himself until the master storyteller died in 1992. He was then asked to continue the adventures of 'Benoît Brisefer', Peyo's classic series about a boy with a supernatural strength, which had been on hold since 1978. Garray's first album appeared in 1993, and he drew six more until 2015, while also participating on most of the scripts with Peyo's son Thierry Culliford.

During his career of 26 years, he also participated in the creation of 17 albums of 'The Smurfs' ('Les Schtroumpfs'), and was the lead artist on at least six albums since 2002. The other regular Smurfs artists are Ludo Borecki, Jeroen de Coninck and Miguel Díaz Vizoso, while most of the writing is done by Thierry Culliford, Alain Jost and Luc Parthoens. Garray had just finished drawing the 35th Smurfs album ('Les Schtroumpfs et les Haricots Mauves', about bad eating habits), when he passed away on 17 January 2017.

Les Schtroumpfs 28 - La Grande Schtroumpfette

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