Pierre Tombal, by Marc Hardy

Marc Hardy is a Belgian comic artist, who is best known for creating the comical gravedigger 'Pierre Tombal' with Raoul Cauvin. Born in Liège, he spent the first fifteen years of his life in Belgian Congo After an artistic education at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège, Marc Hardy learned the finer points of the comics profession while being the assistant of Mittéï and Pierre Seron. In addition, he illustrated a couple of stories in the series 'Les Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul' for Spirou.

Garonne et Guitare by Marc Hardy
Garonne et Guitare - La bruge-sous-les-flots (1977)

In 1972, he worked as an assistant with Édouard Aidans and Yves Duval on 'La Prodigieuse Épopée du Tour de France' and the series 'Franval', that were published in Tintin and Tintin Sélection. Hardy made his actual professional debut in Spirou in the 1974 with the series 'Badminton', that was written by Mittéï. A second story followed in 1975, and a third, written by Hardy himself, in 1980. 'Badminton' was followed by 'Garonne et Guitare', a series in cooperation with Mythic that ran between 1975 and 1978.

Arkel by Marc Hardy
Arkel - Les 7 diables supérieurs (1984)

Hardy's first claim to fame was the comic about the archangel 'Arkel', that he started with Stephen Desberg in 1981. The nervous and scratchy drawing style that Hardy developed further while drawing 'Arkel', enhanced the moody atmosphere of the comic, that ran until 1986. In 2009, Hardy and Desberg revived 'Arkel' in the heroic fantasy series 'Ange & Diablesses' for Dupuis.

Pierre Tombal, by Marc Hardy
Pierre Tombal

Hardy's typical dark style was most suitable for the subject of his next project with Raoul Cauvin, 'Pierre Tombal'. This series, about a gravedigger and his dead "customers," became one of the most popular humorous series in Spirou, and runs in the magazine since 1983. In addition to 'Pierre Tombal', Hardy teamed up with Yann to create the World War II comic 'La Patrouille des Libellules' (1984-1988) and the gag series about the hookers 'Lolo et Sucette' (1988), that both ran in Circus magazine by Glénat. 'Lolo et Sucette' was continued in the Humour Libre collection of Dupuis between 1997 and 2001.

Lolo et Sucette by Marc Hardy
Lolo et Sucette

Also with Yann, Hardy made two albums of 'Croqu'la Vie', another series dealing with death and corpses, published by Marsu-Productions in 1992 and 1994. Hardy assumed a more realistic drawing style to create 'Feux' for Dargaud with Tome in 2005.

Feux by Marc Hardy


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