L'Agent 212 by Daniel Kox

Daniël Kox is a Belgian comic artist, best known for the humor series 'L'Agent 212' (1975), which he makes with Raoul Cauvin for Spirou. It's one of the longer-running Belgian comics series, especially in Spirou's pages. Kox was also the creator of the less famous gag comic 'Les Indésirables' (1978-1981). 

Early life and career
Born in 1952 in Ottignies in the Walloon part of Brabant, Kox developed an interest in comics and drawing while growing up. In 1967, he presented his work to comic artist Jidéhem, who gave him some tips and tricks. By 1970 he got the opportunity to publish a couple of gags starring the ranger and the poacher 'Vladimir et Firmin' in Samedi Jeunesse, a monthly comic magazine published by Éditions du Samedi. Three years later, he assisted Dino Attanasio as a background artist and colorist on his 'Spaghetti' stories.

Agent 212 by Daniel Kox
L'Agent 212 was less chubby in his first appearance in 1975. Kox has redrew a selection of his earlier stories to fit with his hero's current size.

L'Agent 212
Through Peyo, he began his association with Éditions Dupuis and its magazine Spirou in 1974. Kox has remained affiliated with this publishing house ever since. He initially made illustrations for the 'Nature Jeunesse' section, and also assisted Francis on the artwork of his 'Marc Lebut et son Voisin' comic. The first gag starring the policeman 'L'Agent 212' was published in Spirou in 1975. Originally Agent 212 was a thin police officer, modelled after police officer Longtarin in André Franquin's 'Gaston Lagaffe'. Kox' collaboration with Raoul Cauvin soon became one of the most popular features in Spirou, and is published in album format by Dupuis since 1981.

l'Agent 212, by Daniel Kox

The gags and short stories show the everyday events in the life of the chubby and casual traffic policeman Arthur, who goes by the professional number 212. The events in 'L'Agent 212' are far from the heroic antics presented in most comics about police officials. Instead, Cauvin and Kox burden their sympathetic character with traffic offenders, drunks, annoying neighborhood children and other disobedient civilians, as well as an occasional suspicious package. Collisions with his hot-tempered police commissioner, Arthur's fellow police officer Albert and other colleagues are also part of the job, and Arthur's home situation with his wife Louise  and their dog Kiki is also regularly covered in the comic. Throughout the years, Daniel Kox has worked with assistants like Thierry Capezzone and Péral for 'L'Agent 212'.  In 1980 Kox was one of many Belgian comic artists to make a graphic contribution to the book 'Il était une fois... les Belges'/'Er waren eens Belgen' (1980), a collection of columns and one-page comics, published at the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Belgium.

Les Indésirables, by Daniel Kox

Les Indésirables
Between 1978 and 1981, Kox also made a half-page gag strip about two tramps, called 'Les Indésirables', for which he did both scenario and artwork. Kox additionally cooperated with Louis-Michel Carpentier, Malik and Jidéhem on the collective series 'Chansons Cochonnes' for the publishing house Éditions Top Game from 1990 to 1992.

Since 2 August 2011 'Agent 212' has his own statue, sculpted by Monique Mol, at the Comics Route in Middelkerke. On 18 August 2017 the character received another statue at the Rauschenberg square in Westende.

L'Agent 212 by Daniel Kox

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