comic art by Rich Larson
Comic art by Richard Larson. 

Richard Larson drew ghost stories for Charlton and underground comix in the 1970s, followed by Marvel superhero portfolios and the female ninja 'Whisper' for First Comics in the 1980s. In the 1990s he created 'Demon Baby'. With painter Steve Fastner, he's done covers for 'Weird Western', 'Lady Rawhide', 'Bill the Galactic Hero' plus novelizations of the 'Hulk', 'Gen13' and Harvey Kurtzman's humor paperback 'Nuts'. Larson and Fastner's ongoing series is the somewhat spicy, slightly scary 'Haunted House of Lingerie'.

In the 1990s Larson made the Kitchen Sink comic books 'World's Worst Comics' and 'Images of Omaha' in cooperation with his (former) taskmaster James Schumeister.

The Haunted House of Lingerie, by Rich Larson
'The Haunted House Of Lingerie'. 

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