Blondie, by Denis Le Brun (2005)

Denis Lebrun started his career directly after high school, drawing editorial, news and feature cartoons and the comic strip 'Rolling with Roger' for the Tampa Neighbor newspaper. He then created the daily strip 'Aw Heck' for the Tampa Times between 1976 and 1979, and for the Clearwater Sun from 1979 until 1980. In 1981, he became the assistant of Mike Gersher and then Stan Drake on the 'Blondie' comic. The 'Blondie' series was originally created by Chic Young in 1930 and is now written by his son, Dean Young. Lebrun took over as lead artist after Drake's death in 1997, with the aid of Jeff Parker and John Marshall. A dispute between him and Dean Young ended the collaboration in July 2005.

Blondie, by Denis Lebrun
Blondie at King Features

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