Solitario by Alberto Leon Abad

Alberto Leon has worked in Mexican comics since the 1960s. Born in Querétaro and raised in Mexico City, he started his career in the studios of Alfonso Segura in 1965, while also attending the San Carlos Art Academy and the Escuela Libre de Arte y Publicidad. Between 1969 and 1978 he worked with artists like Sixto Valencia and Antonio Santillán on serials like 'Balam', 'Kid Acero' and 'El Hombre Biónico'. Leon's first solo comic was 'Marea Roja'. Together with Alberto Maldonado he produced mini comic biographies and with Manuel Calles, he worked on 'Costa Brava' a story of Caridad Bravo Adams. He assisted Juan Alba and José Luis Durán on 'La Chica de Kung Fu', and made a comic about the life of Pancho Villa with Martín León Guzmán for Ayer magazine.

Solitario by Alberto Leon Abad

In addition, he worked as a stage designer on productions like 'Tlacuilo de Oro'. He began an association with the publishing house Ejea in 1979, when he proposed the serial 'Laberinto Humano' together with Manuel Calles. Leon has illustrated several of the publisher's so-called "ghetto librettos", cheap Mexican pulp comic books full of sex and violence. In 1989 he was appointed editorial director of Editorial EJEA. Among the titles he worked for are 'Sensacional de Traileros', 'Tierra Brava', 'Sesacional de Luchas', 'Sensacional de Mercados', 'Teniente Botija', 'Praderas sin Ley', 'Sensacional de Bronco', 'Denuncia' and many more. Together with Sixto Valencia, Rafael Gallur, Martín Avilés and Gabriel Mayorga he began the so-called comics factory, that employed artists like Mario Guevara, Horacio and Gerardo Sandoval, Andres Moran, Jorge Break, Eduardo García, Selene Cordero and Catalina Cardoso. Alberto Léon left Editorial EJEA and the comics field in 1999.

Sensacional de Traileros by Alberto Leon Abad

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