comic art by Andy Leuenberger

Andy Leuenberger is a Swiss cartoonist and graphic artist, living in Berlin and known for his satirical and absurd humor. Since the mid- to late 1990s, he has been putting out at least one comic, cartoon or art book per year through his label Choke Book. His best known recurring character is 'Wille the Zombie' (2007). 

Early life
Leuenberger was born in 1972 in Basel, Switzerland, but lives and works in Berlin since 1999. His work has appeared in numerous international comic anthologies (Strapazin, Komikaze, Joost Halbertsma and Dirk Verschure's Kutlul), mass media (Virus Magazine, Pardon) and small press publications (Hirnplatzt Zine, Jemma Press). His books and artwork are regularly presented in exhibitions and festivals for comic and printing art.

comic art by Andy Leuenberger

Wille the Zombie
One of his best-known creations is 'Wille the Zombie', whose cartoons first appeared in Virus Magazin in 2007.

Other works
Since 2012 he has been working on his 'A Bestiary by Andy Leuenberger' series, which presents several animals as metaphors for human comedy. The first 'Bestiary' mini-comic was published in 2016. Some of his other popular titles are 'The Invincible' (2006), 'Emotional Avtomat' (2010), 'Roachman' (2013, 2015) and 'Planet of the Organic' (2015). 'The Death of Comic' (2014) presented a mash-up of Leuenberger's cartoons, artwork and sketchwork since the early 1990s.

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