Bunny cartoon by Dirk Verschure

Dirk Verschure is a Dutch animator and cartoonist, who lives and works in Berlin. He studied Animation at the Art Academy of Breda. He is part of the Berlin-based animation collective Zyklopik, where he works on a variety of projects that regularly feature monsters and dead animals. He has published a daily "bunny" cartoon on his blog and Facebook-page since March 2011.

The chicken who knew by Dirk Verschure
The Chicken Who Knew (Kutlul #0, Spring 2016)

A selection of these absurd, surrealistic and at times sarcastic cartoons has been published in 'Dirks Big Bunny Book' by Silvester in 2012. Verschure has furthermore participated in the small-press zine Kutlul with Joost Halbertsma, Annika Hauke and Niels Kalk in 2016. Verschure and Halbertsma subsequently produced a couple of follow-ups, with additional contributions by Naomi Taverdin, Felix Hauke, Ralph Schulz, Fufu Frauenwalh, Andy Leuenberg, Pedro Amaro, Lilith Peters, Mustafa Kandaz, Jan Huijben, Hendrik Nieuwenhuis, Marc Kolle, Vincent Zurwesten, Stanley van der Meer, Argibald, Marcel Ruijters, Maia Matches, Sidhi Achmat, Quin de Vreede, Rogier Smal, Lisa Mckendrick & Tim Drage, Arno Pelzer, Pieter Zandvliet, Paralodia and Nicole van den Berg.

Bunny cartoon by Dirk Verschure


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