Moréa by Laurent Libessart

Laurent Libessart made his debut at age 15, when he illustrated 'Les Légendes de la Marie Groëtte', a comic written by Jacques Messiant for Édition la Base du Parc. In the following years, he made book illustrations, short advertising comics, portraits and short stories for magazines. In 2005, Assor BD published the first of three albums of 'Le Casque d'Agris', a historical series he made with scriptwriter Silvio Luccisiano. He turned to science fiction at Soleil in 2008, making the aborted series 'Sphères' with writer Serge Perrotin, and then as the successor of Thierry Labrosse for the series 'Moréa', that is written by Scotch Arleston.

Le Casque d'Agris, by Laurent Libessart
Le Casque d'Agris

Libessart has additionally made advertising albums for ERA Immobilier ('Et tout s'accéléra' with Xavier Fauche) and the Salvation Army ('Tout a commencé par un café''), and he has made humorous comics under the pen name Trass'Bill. These include 'Catch Family' with Mickay at Hugo & Cie (2010), the ninth book in the series 'Dofus Monster' with Philippe Zytka at Ankama (2013) and a contribution to 'Les Collectionneurs' at Éditions du Long Bec (2015).

In 2018 Marc Bourgne and Libessart launched a spin-off of Jacques Martin's classic series 'Alix', about the hero's youth.

Catch Family by Trass'Bill
Catch Family

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