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John Lindermayer

L. Mayor, Linder Mayer, Linder Mayor, Linder May

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John  Lindermayer

Pelion and Ossa, by John Lindermayer

John Lindermayer was a Golden Age comic book artist, who worked through the Harry "A" Chesler shop and the Eisner-Iger studio. In 1935-36, he published by DC/National's New Fun, doing features like 'Pelion and Ossa' and 'Oswald the Rabbit'. In 1939, he did a feature called 'Denny Scott of the Bengal Tigers' for Mystery Men Comics by Fox Comics. He also did various Centaur features, such as 'Granny and her Pets', 'His Highness', 'Penny Aunty' and 'Speed-a-way'. In Quality's Hit Comics, he did the 'Jack and Jill' feature in 1940.

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