HP by Lisa Mandel

The Parisian comic artist Lisa Mandel, also known as simply Lisa, was born in Marseille in 1977. She studied illustration in Strasbourg and published her first work in magazines such as Julie and Les Clés de l' Actualité Junior. She entered the field of comics in 2001, the year of her graduation. Her first comic appeared in Tchô!, the magazine for which she created the series 'Nini Patalo', about a mischievous little girl. Albums of this series appeared from 2003 to 2009, and an animated TV series has been broadcasted on France 3 and Canal J since 2010. Mandel has worked for the children's magazines Capsule Cosmique and J'Apprends à Lire of Éditions Milan, and created the character 'Eddy Milveux'.

Eddy Milveux by Lisa Mandel
Eddy Milveux

'Esthétique et Filatures', the one-shot she made with Tanxxx, won the Artémisia prize for women's comics. Mandel has also written 'L'Île du Professeur Mémé' for Julien Hippolyte, that ran in Capsule Cosmique by Éditions Milan, 'Vertige' for Hélène Georges (Casterman, 2012), and 'Brune Platine' for Marion Mousse (Casterman, 2013). Since 2009, she writes and draws 'HP' for L'Association. This series deals with psychiatrical hospitals and based on the testimonies of her mother and stepfather, who are both working in a Marseille-based hospital.

Nini Patalo, by Lisa
Nini Patalo

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