Les Enfants du Royaume by Nathalie Logíe
Les Enfants du Royaume

Nathalie Logíé (born Nathalie Manche) is a graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. She worked as a designer in the textile industry before emigrating to Morocco. She opened Studio Logié with Alexis Logié in 2000, and worked as an illustrator for magazines like Citadine, Nissae min Al Maghreb, Famille Actuelle and most notably Femmes du Maroc.

She has done illustration work for French and Moroccan publishers like Yomad, Hatier, Hachette and L'Harmattan Jeunesse, including the children's book 'La Moudawana Autrement' (2006). She drew a comic story for Jean-François Chanson's collective book 'La Traversée', and also worked with Chanson on the comic book 'Les Enfants du Royaume' for Éditions Alberti in 2013. She has a monthly comics page in the women's magazine Illi. She is also a teacher in Plastic Arts with the Lycée Lyautey in Casablanca.


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