Vitez Damjan by Zeljko Lordanic
Vitez Damjan

Željko Lordanić is a Croatian comic artist, born and raised in the Trnje district of Zagreb. He attended both the School of Art (1964-1969) and the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts (1969-1974), after which he began working as a freelance artist. He is mainly a comic artist, although he also has had occasional excursions in the fields of book illustration, animation, set design, decorative painting and restoration.

His early comics have been published by the publishing house Delo from Ljubljana, Slovenia, in papers like Delo and Nedeljska. These included adaptations of literary classics like 'The Sea Wolf', 'Gulliver's Travels', 'An Odyssey of the North', 'Call of the wild', and 'Treasure Island'. Then came comics about the resistance movement in Slovenia ('Agent Kir', 'Diverzanti'), the historical comic 'Vitez Damjan', the western 'Jeff Clayton' and the SF story 'Planet zlobe'.

He had a fruitful collaboration with scriptwriter Ciril Gale, who helped Lordanic with the placement of his work in Italy, England, Macedonia and Serbia. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s he was working for Modra lasta magazine in Zagreb with stories like 'Taras Buljba', 'Posljednji mohikanac', 'Otok s blagom' and 'Tatari u Hrvatskoj'.

He became an allround author in the 1990s with his comic series 'Petar Krešimir IV.' (1993-1996), 'Petar Svačić' (1997-1998), 'Ljubav u Zadru ' (2000/2001), 'Kršanov izbor' (2001-2002), 'Nove oluje' (2002-2003) and 'Trpimirov graditelj' (2003-2004).

Comic art by Zeljko Lordanic

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