Rona, by Malo Louarn

Although he was born in the area of Paris, Malo Louarn has lived and worked in Brittany for most of his career. Louarn had a literary education, and got his degree in the English language. After a contest by Lombard, Malo Louarn made his professional debut with the series 'Goulven et Folklo' in Tintin in 1972. From 1979 on, he made several short stories of 'Gwennyn' for Spirou. Afterwards followed by a saga about corruption in politics and sports: 'Le Candidat', 'La Vedette' and 'Le Canonnier de Volkagrad'. Another creation during this period was 'Les Bonnes Gens'. In 1981-82 Louarn self-published several of his stories in albums.

Gwennyn, by Malo Louarn

In 1984, he started the series 'Rona' in the newspaper Ouest-France. Five stories of this journalist were collected in books between 1985 and 1989. For the German publisher Boiselle-Löhmannin Ludwigshaffen, he created 'Kommissar Gußauge', whose adventures appeared in France under the title 'Commissaire Keuye'. As a scriptwriter, he has written scenarios for artists like Gégé ('Attention Mââr-Rhan' in Frilouz, 1982) and Dominique Mainguy ('Les Routiers' for publisher Lefrancq, 1995). He is an illustrator and cartoonist for several agricultural magazines and regional organizations in the Breton area, and is nowadays mainly active as a farmer.

He was one of several artists to make a graphic contribution to 'Baston Labaffe no. 5: La Ballade des Baffes’ (Goupil, 1983), an official collective parody comic of  André Franquin’s 'Gaston Lagaffe’. 

Le Candidat, by Malo LouarnLa Vedette, by Malo Louarn

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