Juliette Béliveau by Dick Lucas
Juliette Béliveau (Radiomonde et Télémonde, 1953)

Dick Lucas was an English-Canadian cartoonist, who also worked under pennames like Dil, Diluc and Sacul. He was born as Richard Percival Lucas in Verdun on Christmas day on 25 December 1915. His father was killed in August 1917 on the battlefields of France, and the young Lucas started to draw at around age 10. His first job was in a butcher shop, where he would draw the items on sale for in the window. He later worked at Canadian Tube and Steel, where he became supertintendent of the rolling mills. In his spare time, he sold cartoons to both French and English language publications. It wasn't until 1970 that he could retire from the steel company and live from cartooning.

Our World cartoon by Dick Lucas

Throughout his career, he made cartoons for publications like Woman's World, The New Yorker, The National Enquirer, The Midnight, Sex To Sexty, Le Bulletin De Agriculture, La Voix Populaire and many others. In the 1950s, he was an artist with the magazine Radiomonde et Télémonde. He drew a comic strip about 'Juliette Béliveau', a local vaudeville artist with some radio and television programs. He was a longtime editorial cartoonist for the Montreal newspaper The Sunday Express, that later became The Daily Express. He continued doing cartoons until 1997 when he was afflicted with Ahlzeimer's disease and died of it in 2001. His final cartoon appeared in the US publication Women's World Daily.

Cartoon by Dick Lucas

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