Planckton, by Per Lygum

The Dane Per Lygum began his career working for the animation studio of Børge Ring, Bjørn Frenk Jensen and Arne Rønd Christensen in Copenhagen at the age of 16. He followed Ring and Jensen to the Netherlands in the 1950s to work at the animation department of the Toonder studios. He was mainly involved in animated advertising films and his film for Stimorol chewing-gum was awarded in France.

Planckton, by Per Lygum (1971)

For a while, he drew the one-page gag strip 'Planckton' in KRO Studio (1971-1973). At the time, he was already pioneering in animation with the computer. Lygum eventually left the Toonder studios, and began his own firm at the Heerengracht in Amsterdam. When this company folded, he moved to Germany, where he worked as a director until his death in the 1990s.

Planckton, by Per Lygum

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