Balloon Girl by Robert MacGillivray
Balloon Girl (Bunty Annual 1984)

Robert Robertson MacGillivray had a long and versatile career in British comics, who has worked in both realistic and funnies styles. His early work was for D.C. Thomson, including 'The Tickler Twins in Wonderland' in Magic (1930's) and 'Diver Dick' in The Dandy Comic (1942).

Sexton Blake, by RR MacGillivray (1949)
Sexton Blake (1949)

He was an artist of 'Sexton Blake' stories for the Knockout comic by Amalgamated Press. He became one of the leading artists of this pulp detective in 1949, alternating stories with Roland Davies. MacGillivray worked on the strip until about late 1953, when it was turned into a complete weekly two page picture story, mainly illustrated by William Bryce Hamilton.

Sexton Blake, by RR MacGillivray
Sexton Blake

In addition, MacGillivray was the original artist of 'Moko the Baby Monkey' in The Sun, starting in 1950. This strip was later continued by Hugh McNeill. He had drawn 'Mighty Joe Young' for The Sun a year earlier. He was also an artist for Cowboy Comics and the Cowboy Picture Library (mostly drawing stories starring 'Buck Jones') as well as Amalgamated's girls' comic Marilyn.

Peggy & Pax (from Dutch magazine Tina 21, 1970)

MacGillivray moved on to become the artist of the more bizarre and weird stories that appeared in IPC girls' comic books like Bunty from the 1960's throughout the 1970's and 1980's, such as the 'Balloon of Doom', 'The Flights of Flopear', 'The Incredible Adventures of Mini-Mum' and the serial 'Belle of the Ball' (from 1979). His longest running strip was 'Lucky's Living Doll', that ran in School Friend and later June & School Friend. He also drew for the D.C. Thomson magazines Diana and Mandy.

Balloon of Doom by Robert MacGillivray
The Balloon of Doom

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