Hunchback of the Notre Dame by Gustavo Machado
The Hunchback of the Notre Dame

Gustavo Machado is a Londrina-based comic artist, who has drawn comic books in genres varying from funny animal, science fiction, terror and eroticism. He began his career in 1977 as part of the magazine staff of Sítio do Picapau Amarelo at Rio Gráfica e Editora (RGE). Between 1979 and 1982, he drew horror stories for Editora Vecchi in Rio de Janeiro, and adult comic stories for Grafipar in Curitiba. In 1982, he was also illustrator and layoutman for the Exclam and MPM ad agencies in Curitiba, where he lived for three years.

He lived in São Paulo from 1983 to 1988, where he worked on animation projects for Daniel Messias Cinema de Animação, Briquet Filmes and Sketch Filmes, among other companies. For instance, he participated in the creation of the animation short 'O Quarto Rei Mago' ('The Story of the Other Wise Man') by Start Filmes.

Tupi by Gustavo Machado
Tupi (from the sci-fi/horror comic Spektro)

He worked for Editorial Abril from 1988 to 1997, and was a productive artist for Brazil's production of Disney comics. He did mainly 'José Carioca' stories for Zé Carioca magazine, but also movie tie-in comics with 'Mulan', 'Hercules', 'The Hunchback of the Notre Dame' and 'Tarzan'. Machado additionally  drew licensed comic stories starring the Brazilian comedy group Os Trapalhões and TV hosts like Sergio Mallandro and Gugu Liberato, as well as the graphic novel 'Didi Volta Para O Futura' (a parody of 'Back To The Future').

comic art by Gustavo Machado

Machado worked with Wander Antunes on the comic series 'Dora' and 'As Aventuras de Zózimo Barbosa'for Canalho magazine, and with José Wilson Magalhães and Osnei Rocha on the illustrations for the book 'Cabeça Oca em Goiânia: O Tesouro Escondido' by Christie Queiroz. He returned to drawing 'Zé Carioca' in 2014, and further focuses on book illustrations for various publishers.

Ze Carioca, by Gustavo Machado
Ze Carioca

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