Tom und Klein Biberherz, by Vlado Magdic

Vlado Magdic was born in Dubrivnik, Croatia. He always wanted to become a journalist. Magdic wrote an opera, for which he also designed the backgrounds and the costumes and sang the leading role. He went to study sculpting and art history at the academy however. Although a talented sculpturer, Magdic earned his money through painting. He began a study trip through Europe, where he eventually met Rolf Kauka in Munich. He began a collaboration with the Kauka Verlag that lasted from 1956 to 1973.

Donald Duck, by Vlado Magdic

He was the main artist of the series 'Tom und Klein-Biberherz', but he has also done episodes of 'Fix und Foxi' and 'Lupo'. Magdic worked on the animation series 'Mainzelmänchen' for ZDF. He has also drawn covers for the German Disney periodicals. He drew 'Donald Duck' stories for the Danish publisher Egmont from 1985 to 1990. He is a teacher in art history at the University of Hannover.

Tom und Klein Biberherz, by Vlado Magdic

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