'Bra-Him, la Malédiction du Prophète' (2020).

Emmanuel Malot was a French comic artist and former interior architect, who made his comics under the pen name Malotruf. He was known within French indie comics circles for his self-published album 'Contes des 1001 Vies - 7 Destins' (2013) and the sci-fi series 'L'Étoile Miraculeuse' (2016-2020).

Early life and architectural work
Born in 1968, Malot grew up fascinated by astronomy, science fiction and comics. Especially the comics from the Marvel universe and the French sci-fi magazine Métal Hurlant caught his attention. Among his major influences were Philippe Druillet and Moebius. He was educated in Applied Arts at the Ecole Supérieure Estienne des Arts et des Industries Graphiques (1983-1986), and then studied Architecture at the Olivier de Serres art school (1988-1993) and Up 7 Paris Tolbiac (1988-1993). He graduated with a project about the colonization of Mars, and spent the next twenty years working as an interior architect for homes, events and stores. All the while Malot trained his skills in 2D and 3D computer rendering and digital image editing.

Comic artist
Health issues forced Malot to quit his daytime job in late 2012. From then on he devoted all his time to creating and self-publishing comic books under his pen name Malotruf. His first publication was 'Contes des 1001 Vies - 7 Destins' (2013), which he released through Books on Demand. It was a collection of seven short stories, in which the artist experimented with his scriptwriting skills and drawing techniques, while exploring several genres (historical, realism, science fiction). His next book was 'L'Essentiel du Zizi' (2013), an illustrated guidebook about sexuality for adolescents.

L'Étoile Miraculeuse
Malot then began working on 'L'Étoile Miraculeuse', a saga set on an alternative Earth where a new and allegedly miraculous star appears in the night sky. The first cycle follows the astronomer Bra-Him Ben Salim who is at first imprisoned for his controversial thesis about the star, but then sent to investigate the phenomenon. The series allowed the artist to create a dreamlike world with strange landscapes and monsters. Releasing the books through the federative YIL Édition imprint, the first cycle consists of the episodes 'La Légende des Trois Amants' (2016) and 'Le Souffle du Démon' (2017). A second cycle took off with 'Wal-Ham, Origines d'une Sorcière' (2018), followed by 'Bra-Him, la Malédiction du Prophète' (2020).

Emmanuel Malot was a regular appearance at French comic festivals, where he sold and signed his self-published books. The artist died from COVID-19 on 31 March 2020, shortly after the Brazilian artist Daniel Azulay and shortly before the Argentinian comic artist Juan Giménez suffered the same fate.

'Wal-Ham, Origines d'une Sorcière' (2018).


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