Ispettore Bobop, by Enzo Marciante
Ispettore Bobop

Born in Genoa, Enzo Marciante made his debut in 1969 with 'Fox & Z', published in Corriere Mercantile and Intrepido. In the early 1970s, he made a series of four albums in the collection 'Storie di Genova' at Sagep. He also made comics about historic characters, like 'Pisquino da Volastra', 'Columbus', 'Marco Polo' and 'Garibaldi'. In the mid-1970s, he contributed to various children's magazines, including Corriere dei Piccoli ('Storia delle Invenzioni'), PiĆ¹ ('Ispettore Bobop') and TV Junior ('Ape Maia'). He was part of the Bierecci studios, headed by Luciano Bottaro and Giorgio Rebuffi. In cooperation with Bottaro, he illustrated a couple of 'Donald Duck' stories for Topolino. In later years, he has been active in animations for websites and educational CD-roms.

Pisquino da Volastra, by Enzo Marciante
Pisquino da Volastra

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