Les Godillots by Marko
Les Godillots

Marko is the pen name of animator and 2D artist Marc Armspach. Born in Bordeaux, he began his career in the field of animation. In 1989, he worked for Studio Ellipse on the 'Babar' TV series, and he continued to work on audiovisual productions in the following years. He also produced comics with incomprehensible titles like 'Marraztiudazu Gutun bat' and 'Iltazazuko Koblakariak'. 'Orregea' and 'Pedro Mari' were his first comics published in the French Basque language. He also worked for the regional Basque press, such as Le Journal du Pays Basque.

He made his first mainstream comic series in cooperation with writer Olier, starting with the four books of 'L'Agence Barbare' (Bamboo, 2001-2006). The duo then produced 'El'z'avintures ed'Biloute', a series in the ch'ti language (Pourparler éditions, 2007-2013), and the World War I 'Les Godillots' (Bamboo, since 2011).

Biloute by Marko and Olier

He won a prize at the Ajaccio festival of 2003 for 'Gartxot', his co-production with Asisko Urmeneta. Together with Béka, he makes a comics trip around the world for Éditions Dargaud and Géo magazine since 2011. Marko and Béka continue their collaboration in the same genre with 'Voyage en Chine' (Bamboo, 2013) and 'Voyage en Inde' (Bamboo, 2014).

In addition to his personal and collective comics projects, he continues to work as an art and animation director for TV and movie productions, and also as a graphic artist for Kukuxusumu.

Geo BD by Marko and B├ęka
Géo BD - Le Crochet à Nuages


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