Tom & Jerry by Oscar Martin
'Tom & Jerry' #7, 2002.

Oscar Martin has been an artist and writer of 'Tom and Jerry' comic stories since 1986, His stories have been published all over Europe and the USA, and were created through Condor Verlag in Germany, Semic Press in Sweden and since 1997 through Egmont in Denmark. His stories have been published all over Europe and the USA. He has also drawn a variety of comics for the French Disney magazine Le Journal de Mickey, as well as numerous 'Lion King' stories for Egmont through Studio Comicup in Barcelona. Martin has also drawn for Rolf Kauka's Fix und Foxi comic book in Germany.

Simba, by Oscar Martin
Simba - 'Tojo's Tiny Tots' (D 97441).

Martin created his own 'The Terrifying World of Bobby' serial for Semic Press in 1997. The same year, his comic album 'Zona X' was published by Ediciones El Jueves. He set up the Oscar Studios in 1998, and continued the production of 'The Terryfying World of Bobby' as well as the new series 'Solo'. Martin has also drawn several 'Woody Woodpecker' stories for Egmont since 2001 (based on Walter Lantz's character of the same name), and is additionally one of the artists of comic stories based on the video game franchise 'Angry Birds'. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Warner Bros for his work on the 'Tom and Jerry' series in 2002.

Terryfying World of Bobby, by Oscar Martin
'The Terrifying World of Bobby'.

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