From TBO, by Gustavo Martz-Schmidt 1988

Gustavo Martz-Schmidt was a prominent artist of the "golden age" of Spanish humorous comics, that lasted from around 1943 until 1961. Signing his work Martz Schmidt or Schmidt, the artist was part of the second generation of artists from the Bruguera school. He began his career while still living in his birth city Cartagena, Murcia. He published his first work in magazines like Nicolás and Florita by Ediciones Cliper and Paseo Infantil by Ediciones Generales during the 1940s.

He moved to Barcelona in 1949, where he initially continued to work for Editorial Cliper. He created characters like 'Toribio' and 'Doctor Cascarrabias' and was practically the sole artist for the title Pinocho. He began his association with Bruguera in 1951.

from Mortadelo, by Martz-Schmidt

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s he invented a large cast of memorable characters who invaded the pages of the Bruguera magazines. These included 'Don Usurio', 'Don Prudencio', 'Don Danubio', 'Troglodito', 'El Doctor Cataplasma', 'El Sheriff Chiquito', 'Troglodito', 'El Profesor Tragacanto y su Clase Que es de Espanto', 'El Sheriff Chiquito, Que es Todo un Gallito', 'Don Trilita' and 'Polvorilla'. Besides this, he was involved in other activities, such as scenography, mural painting and running his own ad firm Martz Schmidt Studio.

He remained active for Bruguera throughout the 1970s and until the company's demise in 1986. During this period he started working in collaboration with writers like José Luis Ballestín and Jaume Ribera. From 1972 on, He also made new adventures starring 'Doña Urraca' for Super Mortadelo, twelve years after the death of the comic's creator Jorge.

El Doctor Cataplasma by Martz-Schmidt
'El Doctor Cataplasma' (Pulgarcito #15, 1987).

Because of the economic problems that Bruguera suffered from, Martz-Schmidt expanded his collaboration in the mid-1980s. He moved his serial 'Cleopatra, Reina de Egipto' from Bruguera's Mortadelo to Guai!, a publication of Editorial Grijalbo. He remained involved with Bruguera's successor, Ediciones B, for which he created new stories starring his character 'Deliranta Rococó'. In 1998 Gustavo Martínez Gómez passed away from lung cancer in Elche, Alicante.

Camelio Majareto, by Martz-Schmidt
'Camelio Majareto'. 

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