comic art by Patrick Mceown

Patrick McEown's first distinction as a cartoonist was in 1993 when Matt Wagner and he received an Eisner Award for 'Grendel: Warchild', which he drew for Dark Horse Comics. Prior to Dark Horse, he worked for the Ottawa-based comic publisher Aircel. His next notable project was also for Dark Horse Comics, the 'Zombie World' mini-series, which he drew and co-created with Mike Mignola in 1997. Aside from those two projects, most of his output has taken the form of short stories, many of which have appeared in various Vertigo Comics anthologies like: Hearthrobs #4 (1999, 'Kissing' Cousin'), Flinch #2 (1999, 'Object Lesson'), and Strange Adventures #3 (2000, 'Driving Ms. 134'). He often cooperates with Bob Fingerman, such as on a 'Metal Men' story for DC Comics' hardcover Bizarro Comics anthology in 2001.

Hormones by Patrick Mceown

McEown is best represented by the stories he has both written and drawn, which have appeared in several Fantagraphics and Dark Horse publications. Furthermore he has done illustrations for a variety of publications, like Nickelodeon, Vice Magazine and created, wrote and drew a (very) short-lived feature for Disney Adventures Magazine called 'Luna Park' in the April and May 1999 issues. He has also worked as a storyboard artist for a number of years on animated series like 'Batman: Beyond' and 'X-Men: Evolution'.

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