comic art by Eduard het Schaap

Adolf Melchior was a doctor, artist and writer from Haarlem, the Netherlands. Under the pseudonym Eduard het Schaap, he was author of the book 'Ware en Onware Verhalen', that was published by J.H. Gottmer on the occasion of Haarlem's 700th anniversary in 1946. For the same publisher, he illustrated 'De Eerste Walvisvaart van de Willem Barendsz', the journal of a ship's doctor during a trip to the arctic. He collected his travel impressions in the book 'Schoonheid en bijgeloof in Oost-Afrika', which was published by De Spaarnestad in 1958. In his art, he was influenced by Anton Pieck.

De WA Marcheert, by Adolf Melchior (1944)
comic art by Eduard het Schaap

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