Les Rugbymen by Poupard
Les Rugbymen

Alexandre Mermin is a French comic book artist, who currently publishes under the pen name Poupard. A self-taught artist, he made his first drawings and caricatures for the Grenoble-based press, such as Les Affiches de Grenoble, Grenoble Mensuel and Le Ski Français, from 1989. He continued to work for the press and making drawings for tourist publications. He won the first prize at the Charleroi Comics Festival in 1992, which resulted in the publication of his first comic pages.

Chez Gaspard, by Alexandre Mermin
Chez Gaspard

By 1998, he was hired by Jacky Goupil to draw the black-and-white comic series 'Chez Gaspard', that was written by Goupil and Gérard Lasnier. Vents d'Ouest published two books, one in 1998 and one in 1999. He made his debut at Éditions Bamboo with the fantasy series 'Les Brumes du Miroboland' with Bertrand Escaich in 2003 and 2004. He asumed the pen name Poupard, when started the gag series 'Les Rugbymen' with Béka (Bertrand Escaich and Caroline Roque), that is published by Bamboo since 2005. A spin-off called 'Les Petits Rugbymen' was added to the series in 2010.

Les Brumes du Miroboland, by Alexandre Mermin
Les Brumes de Miroboland

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