Sindroma de Babel, by Victor Mesquita
Sindroma de Babel

Victor Mesquita was born in Lisbon in 1939. After some comic publications in South Africa, Victor Mesquita found his own style and started to experiment with comics. His first comic in this new line was a biography of Lucitanian hero 'Viraiato', which appeared in Jacto. He was founder and editor of magazine Visão in 1973. Right after the Portuguese Revolution of April 25, 1974, Victor Mesquita started 'Navegadores do Infinito' in the periodical Cinéfolio. Mesquita's work is similar to that of Frenchman Philippe Druillet, although it is less pessimistic. He also wrote scenarios for other artists, such as the series 'Gemadinha', which was drawn by José Maria André.

Matei-o A 24 (Visao)Matei-o A 24 (Visao)
Matei-o A 24 (Visao)

Mesquita soon became one of the animators of the periodical Visão, where he exploited the multiplicities of his style. He also collaborated on the magazine Expresso, where he created an homage to writer Hemingway in 'O Homem qui Não se Chamava Hemingway'. In the pages of this comic, Mesquita often integrated photographs.

comic art by Victor Mesquita

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