comic art by José Maria André
Tónius o Lusitanio

José Maria André is the author of the prehistoric series 'Gemadinha', which he made in collaboration with scenarist Vícaro, also known as Victor Mesquita. José Maria André and scenarist Tito created a Portuguese version of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's 'Astérix' called 'Tónius o Lusitanio' (1975). Just like 'Astérix' 'Tónius' is a humorous comics series set in a historical past, where inhabitants of the country of the creators fight against a foreign oppressor. In their case, 'Tónius' is set in Lusitania (Portugal) during the Middle Ages, when the Moors occupied the Iberian peninsula. Tónius is a smart Portuguese dwarf who, together with his strong sidekick Chicolindus, lives in the village Pedróbriga. Like Astérix has his magic potion Tónius has his slingshot, while Obélix' love for wild boars is mirrored by Chicolindus' love for trout. Other side characters are the unlucky and stupid stutterer Tigagus, the soothsayer Videntius and incompetent mayor Herminius. Together they resist the Moorish antagonist Muhammed Ali Vou Jà. 

Gemadinha, o Heroi de Pedras Baixas
Gemadinha, o Heroi de Pedras Baixas

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