Albert, by Mike
'Le Bel Albert'.

Michael Stockdale was born in Paris into a family of British and French ancestry and spent his early youth on the Left Bank. He studied art in France and Belgium and worked in Europe in film animation, publishing and illustration. Signing with simply Mike, he made his first comics for the Belgian magazine Spirou in 1965. After a couple of gags with 'Wilbur et Cie', he was introduced to Hubuc through Michel Greg.

Chevalier Beloiseau by Mike
Chevalier Beloiseau - 'La Taverne du Loup Borgne' (Tintin l'hebdoptimiste #93, 15 October 1974).

Mike and Hubuc teamed in 1967 up and created 'Pancho Bomba' for Tintin, 'Le Bel Albert' for Spirou's mini-books section and 'Tulipe et Minibus' for Pilote. A second 'Tulipe et Minibus' story was drawn by Claire Bretécher in 1970. After Hubuc's death in 1970, Mike was encouraged by Greg and Franquin to continue his comic activities. Christian Blareau became his new scriptwriter, and between 1972 and 1975, Mike and Blareau created 'Chevalier Beloiseau' for Tintin.

Tulipe et Minibus by Mike
'Tulipe & Minibus' (Pilote #423, November 1967).

By late 1974, Stockdale and his family moved to Montreal, Canada, to work in advertising. He Michael started to paint in the early 1990s, first in watercolours, then in acrylics and oils.

Albert, by Mike

Interview with Mike (in French)

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