Sesame Street by Norbert Mirani
'Sesame Street' art by Norbert Mirani featuring Bert and Ernie.

Norbert Mirani is a Dutch comic artist and children's book illustrator. He has written and drawn for several licensed comics properties in addition to his daytime job as a marketing manager and business strategist for the publishing house Sanoma.

Early life and career
As a child, Mirani loved 'Cubitus' by Dupa, 'Les Tuniques Bleues' by Lambil and Cauvin and the comics of Willy Vandersteen. Later on, the comics published in Eppo magazine further raised his interest. He decided to turn his enthusiasm into action by starting to draw. During his studies he saw Disney comics art director Ed van Schuijlenburg on TV. This inspired him to revitalize his passion for comics art, and he picked up drawing Disney characters. Van Schuijlenburg advised him to continue and meanwhile consider artwork for Jim Henson's Sesame Street characters.

Big Bad Wolf story (H 9602A) written and drawn by Norbert Mirani and published in the Donald Duck Holiday Book 2012.

Donald Duck & Sesame Street
A few years later he had a full time job, first as marketing manager for Nieuwe Revu magazine, and then as a manager in business development, new business and corporate affairs at Sanoma. Consequently, drawing had to be done during limited free time. He has provided occasional scripts and artwork to the Dutch Donald Duck weekly since 1995, most notably with the 'Big Bad Wolf'. He was furthermore a productive full color artist for Henson, varying from illustrations and comics for the pre-school magazines Sesame Street and Bobo to numerous license products.

On 29 October 2011 Mirani appeared as "impostor" of Disney editor Jos Beekman in the beloved TV game show 'Wie van de Drie', the Dutch equivalent of 'To Tell The Truth', receiving three out of four jury votes.

Bert and Ernie by Norbert Mirani

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