Comic art by Nikola Mitrovic

Nikola Mitrović Kokan was a Serbian graphic designer and comic artist. He had his first comic published in Majin strip in 1952. He did most of his work for Dečje novine during the course of his highly prolific career extending over forty. Among his most notable work are his historical stories for the magazine Nikad robom, that were either based on scripts by M. Nicić or on Serbian national epic poems. He modernized the archaic language in the poems, and stood out for his historical stories on Serbian medeival history.

Comic art by Nikola Mitrovic

In the final stages of his career he focused on historical fiction comics, which he created for the Croatian Naš strip. He also made comic strips and some national fables for in Mali zabavnik, as well as some issues of the 'Mirko i Slavko' comic book. Mitrovic ran a school for young comic artists in Leskovac. The town named a comics event after him after his death in 1997.

Kiki Rot by Nikola Mitrovic
Kiki Rot 34 (1985)

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