Kanis W. Lupus by Joop Mommers
Kanis W. Lupus

Joop Mommers was born in Rotterdam. After his education, he worked for advertising agencies during a period of 6 years. Through the Intermarco Rotterdam agency, he was assigned to do twelve newspaper advertising strips for General Electric, that appeared in newspapers in 1973. In that year, he went to work as an independent cartoonist and comic artist.

Educational comic by Joop Mommers
Part of an educational comic

He made some gag pages for Pep in 1974, and was a cartoonist for Motor magazine between 1976 and 1978. With his brother-in-law Jan Schrijver, he made the comic 'Kanis W. Lupus', that appeared in Taptoe in 1983-1984. By 1984 he was working with a graphics agency, where he was employed as studio manager for 10 years. He returned to freelancing in 1994, and continued to work as a strip and cartoon artist, among other things for the digital comics magazine Kwynk.

Potato comic by Joop Mommers
Comic strip for a potato seller

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