from La Joie des Enfants (1905)

Maurice Boyer, who mostly signed with Moriss, but also with Mo'Rice, drew for Le Pêle-Mêle from 1895. Later on, he was also present in La Chronique Amusante and Polichinelle. His humorous drawings were made in a geometric style that was very modern at the time. He made comics for Le Bon Vivant from 1902, and later on for American Illustré, Le Cri-Cri, Les Belles Images, La Joie des Enfants, L'Epatant, Cadet Revue and Ololé, until the mid-1940s.

from La Jeunesse Illustrée, by Moriss

Moriss was also one of the regular contributors to comics magazine Diabolo Journal, which appeared from 1906 until 1922/23. He drew the story 'Une Expédition Fort Simple' in 1912. Boyer was also a music hall comedian, as well as an actor in plays like 'Les Vampires' by Louis Feuillade in 1915.

Cadet-Revue, by Morris
comic art by Moriss (1905)

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