Stockalper, Roi du Simplon by Sambal Oelek

Andreas Müller, who used the pen name Sambal Oelek, was raised in Spiez. He got his degree in architecture from the EPFZ and he lives in Aeugst am Albis. He published his first album, 'Leidplanken', in Zurich in 1987. Müller specialized in biographical comics, resulting in works about Le Corbusier ('Jünglingserwachen', 1990), Harald Naegeli ('Der Sprayer von Zürich', 1993), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1997) and Henri Dufour (1998).

Most of his works were not only published in German, but also in French and Italian. Under his own name, he wrote a biography about the history of the Swiss Bundeshaus and its architect Hans Wilhelm Auer, called 'Der verbitterte Bundeshausarchitekt. Die vertrackte Geschichte des Parlamentsgebäudes und seines Erbauers Hans Wilhelm Auer, 1847-1906', which was published in 2002.

Stockalper, Roi du Simplon by Sambal Oelek

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