'Joris & Bennie' from Happy voor Kids #1.

Henk van Munster is a Dutch designer, illustrator and desktop publisher with a long track record in Dutch puzzle magazines. Between 1994 and 1995 he drew several humorous comics for the children's magazine Happy voor Kids: 'Ome Hannus', 'Joris en Bennie' and 'Jopper'. His adventure comic 'Roos en het Bunkermysterie' for the same magazine was his only genuine serial. 

De Denker
He was hired by the Vaassen-based publishing house De Denker in 1993. The company later became a subdivision of the Sanders publishing group, which in turn was bought over by the Keesing Media Group in 2018. Throughout these transitions, Van Munster has remained responsible for the lay-outs of a great many puzzle books and magazines, especially the junior titles.

Happy voor Kids
For De Denker he was the editor for the short-lived children's magazine Happy voor Kids (1994-1995), which consisted of comics, puzzles and other activity pages. Together with fellow artist Dirk Arend and scriptwriter Koos Verkaik, Henk van Munster took care of the comics and illustrations as well. The magazine's mascot was the elephant 'Olivier Flap' by Dirk Arend, who drew the core of the comics. Van Munster drew gag strips about 'Ome Hannus' and his dog Snoef, the funny animal duo Joris Koopkonijn (a rabbit) and Bennie Sennie (a dog) under the title 'Joris en Bennie', and the inventive kid 'Jopper', who also starred in cryptic puzzle strips. His other contribution was the adventure serial 'Roos en het Bunkermysterie', which spanned several issues. Joris and Bennie served as mascots for several of De Denker's other kids' puzzle publications.

'Roos en het Bunkermysterie' (Happy voor Kids #3).

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