Amcabey by Cemal Nadir Güler

Cemal Nadir Güler was a pioneer in Turkish cartoon art, and the creator of 'Amcabey', one of Turkey's first cartoon characters. He was born in Bursa on 13 July 1902 into a family of Bulgarian immigrants. He shared his artistic ambitions with his father, who was a calligraphy artist. He failed at his exam at the School of Fine Arts in Istanbul however, and started out as a mechanic's apprentice. He continued to make paintings, and eventually worked as an art teacher.

He published his first cartoons in the humor magazine Diken in 1920. He worked for the evening newspaper Akşam Gazetesi from 1928 until 1941. During World War II, he published in the Republican newspaper, as well as a humor magazine based on his longtime character 'Amcabey' (1942-1944), that he had created in 1929. Among his other comic characters are 'Efruz Bey', 'Dalkavuk', 'Akla Kara', 'Yeni Zengin'. Güler's work was collected in books like 'Amcabey'e Göre' (1932), 'Karikatür Albümü' (1939), 'Akla Kara' (1940), 'Dalkavuk Karikatür Albümü' (1946) and 'Amcabey Albümü' (1946).

Amcabey by Cemal Nadir Guler

In the last years of the Ottoman Empire and during the first years of the newly established Republic of Turkey (1923), cartoon art was introduced in the country. This art form originally appealed more to the elite and well educated people, but thanks to the understandable drawing style of the young cartoonist Cemal Nadır Güler cartoons gained popularity among common people. The interest of Turkish people in cartoon art increased, but unfortunately the much beloved Cemal Nadır Güler deceased because of an illness at a young age. 

Cartoon by Cemal Nadir Guler

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