Mazinger, by Go Nagai
Mazinger, by Gô Nagai

Gô Nagai is one of the most important innovators of the manga genre. He introduced eroticism in children's comics ('Harenchi Gakuen') and he developed the concept of giant robots being able to transform ('Mazinger', 'Goldorak'), an idea that has been used in many television series afterwards. He industrialized his production by creating his Gô Nagai's Dynamic Productions, employing more than 30 assistants.

Harenchi Gakuen, by Gô Nagai
Harenchi Gakuen, by Gô Nagai

His series 'Harenchi Gakuen' appeared from 1968 to 1972 in Shônen Jump. This series, about a school, broke various taboos, using subjects as voyeurism and sex. The series ended dramatically: during a massacre all the characters died. After 'Harenchi Gakuen' Nagai started the 'Mazinger Z' series, later renamed to 'Great Mazinger' and 'God Mazinger'. At the same time, Nagai started the series 'Devilman', about a hero fighting hordes of demons.

Go Nagai was an influence on Christian Quesnel

Majinger Z, by Go Nagai
Majinger Z, by Gô Nagai

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