Barney Baxter, by Bob Naylor (1945)
'Barney Baxter'. 

After studying at the C.N. Landon School, Robert Naylor worked in animation with the Stallings-Nolan studio. He entered the field of comics in 1928, as an assistant at King Features Syndicate. In 1928-1932 he assisted George Herriman on the one-panel gag series 'Embarrassing Moments'. When Herriman fell seriously ill in 1944, a few months before his death, Naylor also drew a few episodes of 'Krazy Kat'. 

Naylor received his first byline as the successor to Frank Miller on 'Barney Baxter'. In 1946, Naylor revived Walt Hoban's gag comic 'Jerry on the Job', but after three years he discontinued it again. In 1954, he was assigned to continue Les Forgrave's 'Big Sister'. 'Big Sister' was discontinued in 1972 and Naylor retired.

Big Sister, by Bob Naylor
'Big Sister'. 

Besides his work in newspaper comics, Naylor had briefly done art for comic books through the Sangord Studio in the early 1940s. His included mainly fillers for National/DC and a series of features for Better Publications ('Pin-Money Sonny', 'Snapper McGurk', 'Tom, Dick and Harriet').

Barney Baxter, by Bob Naylor (1945)
'Barney Baxter'.

comic art by Robert Naylor

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